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Our team of experts are dedicated to bringing truck drivers the best information available to take action by making healthier decisions for your mind, body and wallet.

The Money section offers strategies to overcome the common problems of achieving financial success. The Health section takes on the challenges of improving your physical health. And Lifestyle addresses the wellness of the mind with advice on relieving tension at home and enjoying life on the road.

Remember, the journey to a happy, healthier life doesn’t happen overnight. But with a trucker’s determination and our support we’ll overcome the road blocks together to arrive at a healthy destination.

Meet the Experts

Eric Banter

Eric Banter, RYT

Eric Banter is a registered yoga teacher and certified raw food chef in Indianapolis. As owner of Shamrock Wellness, Eric instructs yoga classes and provides health and wellness seminars across the state. Eric’s specialty is providing a way to find well-being for everyone from stay-at-home parents to working professionals in all industries among the fast pace of our culture. Eric graduated from Purdue University and spent part of his career working in software development before founding Shamrock Wellness. You can find Eric’s advice on exercise and eating healthier in The Healthy Trucker’s Health category.

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Robert Jay Martin

Robert Jay Martin, CSCS

Robert Jay Martin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist dedicated to helping people build healthy lifestyle habits. Robert not only trains athletes of all levels, but he also assists people who just want to get in shape or lose some weight. He is the author of the book F.I.T: YOU Will Make YOU Succeed and is known for motivating people to achieve their fitness dreams. He’s put together a program to help people make the change for a healthier life called, 5 Keys to an Ideal Body. With a passion for technology, he’s even created iLog1, an app for devices such as the iPhone and iPad to help people track lifestyle habits to move toward healthier living. Also known as the “ExerciseMan”, you’ll find Robert sharing his wealth of knowledge in the form of exercise ideas for truckers and nutrition tips in The Healthy Trucker’s Lifestyle category.

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Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn (a.k.a. Pete the Planner), is responsible for some of the most cutting edge financial advice around. Whether he is preventing high income earners from wasting their opportunities or teaching single parents how to raise financially adjusted children, Pete the Planner always arrives to the scene with his trademark comedic wit.

He released his first book, What Your Dad Never Taught You About Budgeting, in 2006 and is the host of the popular radio show The Pete the Planner show on 93 WIBC FM. He was also the mastermind behind 24 Hour News 8’s 60 Days to Change and has appeared regularly on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN Headline News and numerous nationally syndicated radio programs.

His second book, 60 Days to Change: A Daily How To Guide With Actionable Tips to Improve Your Financial Life was released in December of 2009. His third book Avoid Student Loans, was released in January 2012.
Peter was named one of “Indy’s Best and Brightest” in finance in 2007 and media in 2009 by KPMG and was declared one of NUVO magazine ’s “30 under 30 to Watch in the Arts” for comedy (back when he was young and funny). He won an Indiana Broadcasters’s Association Award in 2011 for the program he created, 500 Ways To Save. Peter was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award by Hanover College in 2012.  You can find Pete sharing his financial tips for truck drivers in The Healthy Trucker’s Money category.

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Buck Black

Buck Black, MSW, LCSW, LCAC

Buck Black is a licensed therapist specializing in helping truck drivers with relationship problems that come with managing life on the road. Based out of Lafayette, Indiana, Buck is able to provide his trucker therapy services to drivers via phone calls and Skype to accommodate the trucking lifestyle (office visits are also available). Buck is the author of several published articles in his profession and continues to attend training sessions and workshops related to counseling and online coaching. Buck earned a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University and a Master of Social Work from Indiana University. You can find Buck sharing his expertise on stress, anger and relationship management in the The Healthy Trucker’s Lifestyle category.

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