(Video) How to: Roll Out Your Sore Muscles, Aches, and Pains During Exercise

Alright, so you’ve made the decision to begin a workout regimen on the road. That’s a great first step, but wait! You can’t just dive into a strenuous running routine all willy-nilly! No siree. Ask any avid runner or gym-goer and they’ll tell you the first step in your exercise routine should always, always, always be warming up. But how do you warm up in a truck?

A good option is a massage roller. The cramped space of a truck isn’t too conducive to bustin’ a Downward Dog stretch, but a muscle massage roller is! This tool is only about 16″ long, so it’ll store easily inside your truck. Check out Derek’s video below for a brief overview on this little gadget and how it can help your workout on the road.

What Exercise Equipment is Needed?

All you need is a basic body roller. This particular model Derek is using is called the Tiger Tail, and it’s available here for right around $29. Massage sticks (or foam rollers as they’re also known) are widely available though, so finding one shouldn’t be an issue.

Tiger Tail Muscle Massage Roller


#HTWorkout Quick Tip

A massage roller can be used at any time during your workout for different results! Use it before your exercise to decrease muscle density and lead to a better workout. Use it during a workout if you’re beginning to feel sore, or use it after you conclude to help your muscles recover from said exercise.

So, “What exactly does a muscle roller even DO?” you might be thinking. Basically, it boils down to this:  massaging the stick over your muscles helps to break up trigger points (“knots” in your muscles) and aids with increasing blood flow and circulation throughout your body.

Ease cramps with a muscle massage roller

How to Use a Muscle Massage Roller

It’s simple, really — just roll the massage stick over each muscle group for 15-20 seconds. Massage sticks are especially helpful for massaging injury-prone areas. Muscle groups that can benefit from this tool include calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, IT bands, feet, lower/upper back, shoulders, neck, forearms, triceps, and biceps. And yes, that’s basically your whole body!

Keep in mind that this massage stick doesn’t have to be purely for working out. Long days in the driver’s seat often leads to lots of leg and back pain in truck drivers. This simple piece of equipment can help to relieve said leg pain and prevent deep vein thrombosis. Simply massage the stick over the sore areas when you stop driving.

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