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Mile Markers PodcastWelcome to the Mile Markers podcast, brought to you by TheHealthyTrucker.net. During this weekly podcast, hosts Mike and Derek will be discussing truck driver health and other current hot topics in the trucking industry.

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Episode 6 – How To: Have A Healthy Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

We discuss how to throw a successful Memorial Day bash without tarnishing your healthy eating plan. Mike and Derek also tackle family time and safe driving in this episode.

Episode 5 – Are Diets the Best Bet? Talking Trucker Weight Loss

Our hosts discuss weight loss ideas for truck drivers and talk to diet creator Zola Gorgon.

Episode 4 – Can Smartphone Apps Improve Your Health?
Mike and Derek discuss how technology can help improve truck driver health. Could something such as smartphone apps be the answer to the poor health of truck drivers industry wide?

Episode 3 – Broken Hearted: The Real Cost of Bad Health
With February being America Heart Month, Mike and Derek tackle heart related medical issues prevalent in truck drivers. Learn how to prevent these health issues and what you can do if you’re facing steep medical bills.

Episode 2- Wanna Break Your Bad Habits? Listen Up!
We’ve all got them. Nail biting, smoking, excessive snacking – all habits that could be harming your health or lead us to make poor decisions. Here’s some help to break those bad habits once and for all.

Episode 1 – Introducing The Healthy Trucker
Mike and Derek introduces themselves and the website, talk to one of The Healthy Trucker’s bloggers, and discuss why truck driver health is an important industry topic right now.

Get to Know Our Hosts

Mike Curts

Mike Curts began his career working in the transportation industry over 17 years ago. Traditionally writing about truck driving school and the truck driver recruiting process, Mike became very aware of the need to offer free tips and advice for improving truck driver health. This sparked the vision for TheHealthyTrucker.net In addition to sharing his wealth of knowledge about truck driver health, Mike also co-hosts the Mile Markers show.

Derek McClain

Derek McClain is a blogger with TheHealthyTrucker.net and co-host of the Mile Markers show.  Derek has worked in the Internet & Technology industry for over 7 years dedicating last few years to writing about truck driving jobs and careers. McClain has always had a passion for exercise and fitness so with truck driver health becoming such a hot topic in the industry, it just made sense to work with TheHealthyTrucker.net.

Do you have something you’d like Mike and Derek to discuss on air? Share your suggestions in the comments below — we’d love to do an episode on it!