Mile Markers Episode 1: Introducing The Healthy Trucker

In the first episode of truck driving podcast Mile Markers, hosts Mike and Derek discuss a hot topic in the trucking industry right now -- truck driver health. They talk New Year's resolutions, industry statistics about truck driver health, and interview Healthy Trucker blogger Amanda about some of the free health and fitness tips available to truck drivers on the site.

Many truck drivers make the common New Year's resolution to lose weight and become healthier. Mike and Derek will talk about ways to stick to those resolutions and some of the common struggles people face when trying to keep them.

A sedentary career like truck driving makes it even more important that drivers get the healthy meals and physical activity that they need to stay fit out on the road. The Healthy Trucker and Mile Markers strive to provide drivers with the information they need to get on the road to health and wellness.

Listen to the full podcast below.