5 Low Impact Exercises for Any Truck Driver Weight Loss Plan

Many people want to be active and get/stay in shape on the road, but existing health or joint issues make it difficult to perform high impact exercises like running and jumping. So does this mean they’re just out of luck? No exercise for them? Sorry, but nope. We should all know by now that there’s no good excuses!

You can still get a good workout in and improve truck driver health without jumping all around and putting strain on the joints. The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to lose weight is to get in the middle-high range of your target heart rate zone.

No matter what truck driver weight loss plan you may be following, these 5 low impact exercises can always come in handy.  A truck driver who’s just “jumping in” to any weight loss plan will quickly learn that muscles can get sore (even worse – injuries can happen) so having some low impact exercises to work in is always an option. Today, we’re going to feature a few of those that will still give truck drivers a great workout on the road.


Walking is probably the most obvious low-impact exercise. One thing to remember:  you’ll have to walk fast enough to get your heart rate up – we’re not talking a leisurely stroll, here. Think those crazy ladies speed walking and swinging their arms like mad. Walking is a great low impact exercise for truck drivers because it doesn’t require any equipment and can be done right at the truck stop. Some stops even have walking or nature trails which can make going for a walk even more enjoyable!

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Strength Training

At first strength training doesn’t really seem like a low-impact exercise. But when you consider that you start from relatively light weights and work yourself up to heavier amounts, it’s a good way to get in shape without putting a lot of stress on your joints. A good place to start is 30 minutes of strength training for each muscle group twice a week. Strength training can also be done on the road with the help of a simple resistance band or set of dumbbells.

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Programs like yoga and pilates are low impact because they’re made up of slow, gentle movements which help boost strength and flexibility without putting a lot of stress on joints. Not to mention, activities like these are good for stress relief. So when a driver has had a particularly frustrating day of driving, it can be beneficial for mind and body to stop for a little break and do some yoga. Just pick up a yoga mat to put down in the parking lot and get on the road to improved truck driver health!


This is one we really haven’t discussed here on The Healthy Trucker, but it’s a great one to help with trucker exercise without being strenuous! Did you know rollerblading may be more beneficial to muscle development than running or biking?! It works all the upper leg muscles, including your glutes, hips, and lower back muscles. And for the average person, one hour of rollerblading can burn up to 913 calories! Just pick up a pair of inline skates and make your way around the truck stop during a 30-minute break for an easy, enjoyable low impact exercise.


This one is entirely dependent on your truck set up and whether you have storage room, but keeping a small folding bike can be a great way to get some low impact exercise on the road. Just whip it out and take it for a ride around the truck stop. Some stops even have nature trails that can provide some nice scenery for your bike ride as opposed to the bland backdrop of a truck stop. With the right amount of resistance, you’ll never put excess stress on your joints.

Do you prefer low impact exercise or something a little more strenuous when improving your truck driver health? Share your exercise routines with us in the comments!

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