(Video) Get a Jump On Getting in Shape: Jump Rope Exercises for Truckers

Workout Wednesday - Jump Rope ExercisesYou’re out on the road, you’ve just eaten a cheeseburger, and you feel bad about it. …What do you do now?

You start jumping rope, that’s what you do.

A jump rope takes up virtually no room in the cab of your truck and you really can do it almost anywhere – making jump rope exercises a great workout for an on-the-go truck driver.  Additionally, the jump rope is one of the cheapest and most affordable pieces of workout equipment you’re going to come across.

Living the sedentary truck driver lifestyle can lead to health problems such as heart disease, obesity, heart attack and many others I’m sure you’ve heard all about.  But what you may not know is that jumping rope for only 15 minutes a day can drastically increase your cardiovascular health.  Benefits of jumping rope include increased endurance, better muscle tone, improved cardiovascular health, and improvements in coordination, agility and quickness.

See, you knew there was a reason Sylvester Stallone jumped rope so much in those Rocky movies…

Below you’ll find one of our Workout Wednesday videos on how to jump rope properly with advice on where, when, and how long to do it.  In the video, we use it strictly as a warm up exercise, but even if you jump rope exclusively you will find that it leads to incredible health benefits.

What Exercise Equipment Is Needed?

Inexpensive jump rope for truck driversOf course, the only thing you need to jump rope – is a jump rope.  Check out this site for deals on quality jump ropes you can take on the road with you ranging from only $5 – $20.  I recommend the speed rope for its light weight and quick speed (it kind of makes you feel cooler when you’re doing it…)

#HTWorkout Quick Tip
Change it up! When you’re jumping rope, you can vary your workout and instead of doing regular jumps, try alternating legs, double jumping, or swinging the rope from side to side to focus on toning your arms when your legs get tired.  There are many ways to change up the jumps and keep everything interesting and fresh.

Tips for Maximizing Your Jump Rope Workout

It’s all in the wrist. When you do the basic jump, you should be rotating your wrists, not your arms and shoulders.  When you only rotate your wrists, it helps you to fall into a rhythm and prevents you from tiring out too quickly.

Use the proper rope length. The jump rope should be at a certain length to optimize your jumps. For instance, if you step on the rope, your handles should reach up to about your sternum.  You should be able to hear the rope barely tap the ground as you jump.  If your rope is too long, try wrapping a loop or so around your palms to make it the proper length or cutting the rope down a few inches.

Jump on the balls of your feet. Jumping on the balls of your feet helps to reduce the impact on the joints in your ankles and knees.  It also makes for an intense calf workout, so make sure your heels don’t hit the pavement.

Get jumping!

Now you’re equipped with all the tools you need to start burning off some of that extra weight and getting that cardio health up to speed. Don’t forget to check out some rope options here. Don’t just take a step in the right direction, JUMP in!

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