iPod Nano for Truck Drivers – Not Just an MP3 Player

7 iPod nanos in bright colors

iPod Nano (Image courtesy of Apple.com)

If you’re looking for a compact and convenient way to track your workouts and get motivated to keep moving, the iPod nano is a perfect addition to any truck driver’s favorite electronics. The nano works with Mac or PC, has widescreen video, and is extremely easy to use.

The reason this nano is extra interesting to us at the Healthy Trucker? The built-in Nike Plus support!

A Handy Tool for Fitness

You can automatically have your nano track your walking or running progress when you have it on you so you always know how you’re doing. You can get real time updates and feedback while you’re walking or running, and then track your distance or speed. The built-in pedometer will track your steps. If you plug the nano into a computer, you can connect with Nike’s website and record your progress online to share with family and friends. Nike Plus even allows you to create fitness challenges with your friends. But you don’t have to — Nike Plus will store all your results on your nano for your own use.

Pro Tip: This nano has Bluetooth, which pairs perfectly to a headset you might already have for listening to music or watching videos!

Music Collection

In addition to this Nike+ tracking, the nano contains all your music like all past iPods. You’ll also find an FM radio, photos and videos, and podcasts. These categories are all organized so you can store loads of media on a tiny device in your pocket and carry it anywhere. Sure, you could use your smart phone for music and podcasts and videos, but the nano’s size makes it easy to carry anywhere and allows you to dedicate it completely to your music and fitness.

iPod Nano Interface with 6 appsiPod Nano for Truck Drivers

The nano is particularly great for truck drivers because it takes up practically no room at all since it’s the thinnest iPod available. If your truck’s radio has the correct input, you can connect the nano and play your music and podcasts through your cab’s speakers. And because it’s so light and small, it’s great for keeping it on you during workouts with any number of arm band designs.

The iPod nano is a smart choice for truck drivers who are trying to stay healthy!

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Pro Tip: Get a car charger for your iPod nano so you don’t have to worry about battery life!

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