iPhone Apps for Truck Drivers – Which Ones Do You Really Need?

Black iPhone 4Communicating. It’s the most important part of your trucking career. From staying in touch with home to talking to your dispatcher, constant communication while over the road is vital to being a successful truck driver. Luckily, communicating has never been easier, no matter where you’re parked! The iPhone is one of the best tools a truck driver can invest in today. There are dozens of iPhone apps for truck drivers that will help make your time out on the road easier and more comfortable.

My Recommendation: Top 5 iPhone Apps for Truck Drivers

Flashlight How often do you need to look into a section of your engine that isn’t so well-lit? While you should always have a flashlight on your truck, sometimes you might find it more convenient to use your cell phone to light up the area instead of going back inside your truck.

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Skype You can stay in touch with your friends and family on Skype instead of using cell phone minutes. Better yet, Skype provides video calling so you can stay face to face with your loved ones.

Transflo All those documents you scan at the truck stops can now be scanned with Transflo’s app. Take a clear, well-lit picture of your document and submit your paperwork on time.

Truckster Use this app to find the nearest truck stops and share information about them.

Facebook You can’t get away from Facebook, and it’s one of the best ways to constantly share information on where you’ve been and where you’re going. Post pictures, check-ins, and status updates, and get them from your family and friends too.

Get a smartphone and use it to its maximum potential when you’re out on the road. It’ll make you a happier and often safer truck driver.

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