Too Cold to Exercise? Think Again: 10 In-Cab Exercises for Truck Drivers

10 In-Cab Truck Driver Workouts for Bad Weather

It takes approximately two weeks on the road as a professional truck driver to realize you can’t just keep eating the same things and skipping exercise if you have any hope of being healthy (Ok, so I just made that statistic up but it sounds about right…) In fact, if you don’t make an effort to stay active in such a sedentary career, your health can take a nosedive.

So, how does one stay healthy on the road? Diet and exercise of course. I know, I know. You were hoping for some magic pill that allowed you to eat whatever, do nothing at all and still have abs of steel. It’s okay, so was I.

Weight exercises for truck drivers

Image credit: paloetic, Flickr

Back to the topic at hand: diet and exercise. Sounds easy, but we’ll be the first to admit that yes, it can be tricky to get workouts in on the road. But there is time and there ARE ways, as long as you make it a priority.

Many truckers want to get some exercise on the road, but unfortunately many have reservations about doing so. “I don’t know where to start.” “I’m too embarrassed of people seeing me.” “It’s too cold and rainy outside.”

Well, too bad – because these aren’t valid excuses anymore. There are plenty of exercises for truck drivers that can be done right inside the truck, in warm conditions, without anyone watching. Time to kiss the excuses goodbye 🙂

I am going to leave the amount of reps and sets up to you, and just focus on the actual exercises that are plausible to do in a truck. Let’s get started!

Bodyweight Exercises for Truck Drivers

Arm circles: Extend arms straight out to the sides so you’re making a T. Move them in forward circles for 30 seconds. Repeat going the opposite direction for 30 more seconds.

Planks: This is a good one to do before even getting out of bed in the morning. Prop yourself up with your forearms and hands, belly down (similar to a pushup). Support your weight on  toes and forearms and hold for 60 seconds.

Crunches: Do these even need explanation? Do them in bed before you get up in the morning. Add difficulty by extending legs straight up and doing toe touches.

Squats: Depending on the amount of room in your truck, squats may be doable and will give you a great leg and butt workout – something we all could use after sitting for too long!

Pushups: Again, another one that can be done in a sleeper. Roll over when your alarm goes off and do some pushups. Easy-peasy.

Tricep dips: These can be done using the bed as a prop. Facing the windshield, put hands behind body on bed and drop to the ground, pushing back up to straighten arms.

Dumbbell/Resistance Band Exercises for Truck Drivers

Tricep extensions: Hold a dumbbell (or two, depending on their weight) behind your neck with your elbows over your head and lower your forearms behind your upper arms.

Bicep curls: With one dumbbell in each hand, raise and rotate forearm until it’s vertical and your palm faces your shoulder. You can alternate arms or do them at the same time.

Rows: Lean over your bed or stand and bend at the hip, keeping your back flat. Extend arm straight down and pull dumbbell up towards your chest until they’re just above your shoulders. These can also be done with resistance bands by standing on one end and pulling the other up towards your chest.

Weighted crunches: Just a more difficult take on the traditional crunch. Hold a dumbbell on top of your chest (see this demonstrated in our V-ups video) and do crunches this way to really work those abs.

As you can see, quite a few dumbbell exercises can be done right in the comfort of your truck. We even put together an entire post on a full-body trucker workout you can get done in the sleeper using only dumbbells.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. But this just goes to show with a little creativity and a lot of motivation, you too can get a solid workout done on the road.

BONUS: Want to get in some in-cab cardio when it’s freezing cold out?  Why not pick up a   mini stair stepper or bike peddler and put it to use in the truck. 

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