Could Your Smart Phone Save Your Life & Improve Truck Driver Health?

Could your smartphone save your life?

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Your phone is probably either in your hand or within easy reach as you read this. We’re attached at the wrist to our phones. So could your smartphone save your life? And I’m not talking about dialing 911….

What if I told you that in the very near future, an app on your phone could warn you of an impending heart attack before the usual symptoms appear? This sort of sounds like the medical tools of Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy in the sick bay of the Enterprise. But this is not Star Trek, these are apps that medical researchers, app developers and doctors are working on today that could greatly improve truck driver health.

Futuristic Technology?

In fact, Dr. Eric Topol, a renowned cardiologist has a vision for making the future of healthcare not only better, but cheaper. Imagine wearing a wristband that can display all of your vital signs on your iPhone. Or a small sensor on your abdomen that can wirelessly send glucose data to a smart phone app that your doctor can review. Have a chest pain? Soon there may just be an app for that. In fact, Dr. Topol says he is prescribing more apps than medications.  

Dr. Nancy Synderman of NBC’s Rock Center spoke with Dr. Topol and his vision for the future of medicine. Read the full story about smartphone apps and the future of health care and watch the video below.

Coming soon, The Healthy Trucker will be reviewing the top iPhone and Android apps for truck drivers who want to track fitness. We’ll also be sharing various workout devices. We’ll test these products on our own journey to live better, healthier lives. We’ll share our unbiased opinions about what we liked, what frustrated us and what we would like to see. So stay tuned as we look at ways a smartphone might save our lives, improve truck driver health, and help us live a little bit better.

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