Video: Healthy Hummus – Recipes for Truck Drivers

It can be difficult to eat healthy when constantly surrounded by truck stop junk food day in and day out. But this easy truck driver recipe for healthy hummus is healthy and satisfying!

Learn how to make this healthy hummus recipe for truck drivers using only a mini blender:

Quick Video Recap
Even the most disciplined trucker can succumb to some weakness and make poor eating choices when they’re hungry. But this hummus recipe is healthy and satisfying!

How to Make Hummus

  1. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Seriously, that’s it.

Can’t get much easier when it comes to making your own healthy snacks on the road. Hummus is a filling snack that’s full of protein while being low in calories. Pair it with some pita chips or veggies for a tasty, nutritious snack on the road.

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