(Video) Pete the Planner’s Advice: How to Pay Bills on Time

When we first started planning The Healthy Trucker, we knew we had to be different.  There were other websites out there offering meal tips and exercise ideas for truck drivers.  But to us, a “healthy trucker” means more than just being physically fit – after all our slogan is “fitness for mind, body & wallet.”  Part of being truly “healthy” is having control of your financial life.  It soon became clear – we needed to offer up practical ideas on how to save money and manage a budget while on the road…

So, how were we going to do this & who could help us out?  Well, there are all kinds of people out there posting financial tips.  Heck, just search YouTube for “how to save money” and you’ll find plenty of 16 year olds posting videos who know more than most about managing money.  Again, we wanted to be different… 

Pete the Planner

Pete the Planner

We knew we needed to bring on someone who was an expert on the subject of personal finance and financial advice.  Someone with a proven track record of helping others achieve financial success.  Someone who had “made a name for himself” in the financial world.  The more we thought about it, the more we knew – Pete the Planner was that person. 

Pete the Planner has the experience.  He doesn’t represent a large national brand.  He can speak to people in plain, easy-to-understand English.  He’s written the books.  He’s won the awards.  He even has his own radio show and TV segment.  But most importantly, he’s focused on offering “practical money advice for REAL people.”  

Let’s dive right in with Pete’s tips on How To Pay Your Bills On Time

Over the next several months, Pete’s going to be sharing tons of advice on how to manage your money as a truck driver.  Get ready to learn a lot and plan to check back often. 

One thing you’ll notice about Pete is that he really cares about your financial success.  He wants your feedback.  He wants you to ask questions.  He wants to help!

If you have a question or feedback for Pete, do this:

At The Healthy Trucker, our goal is to provide FREE everyday, practical advice on taking better care of your money and we’re happy to have someone with Pete’s résumé join our team.  We’re ALL going to learn a lot along the way because we ALL can do better financially.  We’re excited for what’s to come and hope you are too!