How to Lose Weight as a Truck Driver: 5 Drivers Dish Their Secrets

How to Lose Weight as a Truck Driver

There can be a big difference between reading about how to lose weight as a truck driver and actually doing it. Sure, the information is out there, but the important thing is how many people have had success with it?

For many people, it takes knowing and seeing results to ignite that fire to lose weight as a truck driver. Today, we feature stories from 5 Healthy Trucker fans who had a lot of success getting healthy on the road. Keep reading for 5 drivers’ tips on how to lose weight as a truck driver!

 Kevin McKague — Truckin’, Bikin’ Extraordinaire

Kevin McKague is a Michigan truck driver and father of three who gets his exercise on the road in a somewhat unconventional way — at least for a trucker. Kevin takes a bike with him on the road and explores the surrounding area when he’s stopped waiting to get loaded or unloaded. Read about Kevin’s biking hobby here.

Carolee Moore — Down 88 Pounds with a New Outlook

Carolee and Bobby Moore are a husband and wife team who live in the truck full time. During their road experience, they’ve learned a thing or two about keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Read about her story here. Carolee also blogs for us here at The Healthy Trucker. Read some of her posts for helpful tips on maintaining truck driver health on the road.

Jason Couture — 250 Pounds Down and a New Outlook

Having once weighed almost 500 pounds, truck driver Jason Couture’s life and career were in jeopardy. Jason knew he had to make a change, and fast. With the help of a bariatric surgery, Jason’s lost close to half his body weight. Read about his amazing transformation here.

Carrie Ward — Movin’ Around & Droppin’ Pounds: How She Lost 45 Pounds

Carrie Ward is a team driver who’s seen a lot of success since adopting a healthy lifestyle for the road. Like many, Carrie gained some weight after starting a new trucking job. So she revamped her diet and lost 40 pounds in the process. Read Carrie’s suggestions in this post.

Mike Adams — Rollin’ in the Spotlight

Mike Adams runs the Truckin’ Fitness Facebook page and has a lot of great insight to provide fellow truckers on how to stay healthy on the road. By eating well and modifying P90X for the truck, Mike lost 57 pounds. Learn his secrets here and be sure to follow his Facebook page, Truckin’ Fitness!

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