Christmas Countdown Day 17: Heated Blanket for Chilly Mornings

Day 17: Heated Blanket

Heated blanket for truck driversDon’t miss the comforts of home — pick up a heated blanket to warm you up on those chilly winter nights in the truck.

Why it’s a great gift: For those extra cold days in the middle of winter, a heated blanket is nice to have for some extra comfort on the road.

This heated blanket has a 12 volt plug, but there are countless other options for the drivers who would prefer to use a regular AC plug with an inverter.

This is a great item to have as part of an “emergency kit.” Think about what would happen should your trucker break down in the dead of winter. As you can imagine, having another source of heat can only help in the long run.

Or maybe your trucker is an owner operator who likes to minimize his idling time. This heated blanket will still provide heat even when the vehicle isn’t running, so it’s great for those chilly mornings when you don’t want to idle.

This RoadPro 12-volt heated blanket is available for about $20 (at the time of writing) on Amazon.


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