Healthy Trucker Meal Challenge Month: Week 1 – Breakfast

Next week, we’ll be launching a new challenge here on The Healthy Trucker. Meal Challenge Month will take place throughout February and will focus on healthy eating tips, facts, motivation, and healthy meal ideas.

To kick off Meal Challenge Month, all next week (February 3-7), we’ll be focusing on the importance of a healthy breakfast on the road.

Egg White Sandwich

Maybe there are some of you out there who want to eat healthy, but aren’t sure where to begin and need some helpful information to get started. Well, we’ve got your back. We’ll be updating this post throughout the week with new tips and breakfast meal suggestions, so make sure to check back for new information every day!

We also ask that you share your tips and meal ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter, whether that’s via pics, comments, or whatever! We just want to hear insight from you! We’ll even be giving out a free Healthy Trucker water bottle weekly to one lucky person who submits a tip, photo, or suggestion.

Monday, 2/3/14: How do you incorporate protein into your breakfast?

I keep a bag of hard boiled eggs in the cooler, and even on mornings I’m not hungry, I’ll mix up a low carb protein shake and keep it in the cup holder. –Lora Trouten

Plant based protein shake with a dash of cinnamon & PB2. –Carolee Moore

Kellogg’s To Go breakfast shake. 10 grams protein and 5 grams fiber. –Taylor Koon

Cornbeef hash and eggs and grits with no bread. –Janet Critzer

Peanut butter and banana. –Pam Moody

Meal suggestion: one whole wheat English muffin topped with peanut/almond butter and sliced fruit. 371 calories, 10 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of protein!

Tuesday, 2/4/14

Healthy Trucker Tip: Remember that breakfast doesn’t have to consist of traditional “breakfast food” like eggs, fruit, or toast. The goal is just to get some protein, fiber, and nutrients in after literally “breaking the fast” overnight in order to jump start your system. In the mood for a grilled chicken wrap at 7am? Go for it!

Meal suggestion: one hard boiled egg, an apple, and a banana. 257 calories, 8 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein.

Healthy Truckers’ Favorite Greek Yogurt Flavors:

Wednesday, 2/5/14

Healthy Trucker Tip: Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t make it an excuse to load up on unhealthy sweets and pastries like donuts, danishes, poptarts, and sausage biscuits every day! You should still aim for a healthy meal — one high in fiber and protein.

Meal suggestion: Greek yogurt parfait — Plain Greek yogurt topped with sliced fruit of your choice and healthy granola. 349 calories, 7 grams of fiber, and 29 grams of protein!

Thursday, 2/6/14

Healthy Trucker Tip: Those who skip breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese. This is because when we skip breakfast, we tend to overeat at the next meal and are more likely to choose unhealthy foods we’re craving instead of healthy alternatives.

Meal suggestion: 1 cup of nutritious cereal (like Fiber One Honey Clusters), a cup of skim milk, and 1/2 cup blueberries on top. 284 calories, 15 grams of fiber, and 13.5 grams of protein!

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