Give it a Rest Already! On Muscle Soreness and Recovery

Rest and recuperation, two important words to remember on your journey to a healthier you. Many times, when working to get fit and stronger, we focus mainly on working out longer, harder and more frequently. All of those things are important, but so is taking a day or so off, depending on how intense your workout was, to let your muscles rest and recover.

When you give your muscles a chance to recuperate, you are giving them the opportunity to build and get stronger, which in turn helps burn more fat. It’s also an important step in avoiding injury like pulled muscles and strains. You can also alternate days with strength and weight training one day and cardio the next, or if your upper body is sore only work your legs the next day and vice versa as I said in the video clip. Just be careful not to overdo it. Pay attention to what your body is telling you!

A few more important things to remember to help with muscle soreness and recovery are:

1)  Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of liquids after your workouts. Water is the best option.

2)  Get your rest! I know in the trucking industry this is hard to do, but try your best to get enough sleep.

Stretch before and after your workouts. Doing so will help minimize injury and help in the recovery process. Stretching also promotes blood flow to your muscles.

So, stay focused and keep moving forward in your journey to getting fit and healthy, while keeping in mind how important rest & recuperation are in building strong, healthy muscles.

Keep the rubber side down, the shiny side up and make healthy choices!

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About CJ Moore

Three years ago my husband and I packed our belongings into a storage unit in Las Vegas, NV and traded our normal, predictable life for a life of unpredictability and long hours as over the road truck drivers. We have been working and living in our big truck 24/7, on the open road, ever since. After working in this industry for some time now, I realized health and fitness awareness were being placed on the back burner. I experienced this first hand in my own life within a few months of living on the road when my poor eating choices, lack of exercise, loss of sleep and sheer exhaustion began to affect my health. It was then that I decided to make some positive changes and now I’m excited to share my experiences, tips and passion for health and fitness with other truckers on a quest to live healthy lives out on the road.