Christmas Countdown Day 3: Gaming Console for Truckers

Day 3: Gaming Console

Gaming console for truckers - XboxThe Xbox 360 has stood the test of time and is still among the leading consoles for all the gamers out there. This is just the right gift for the right person who’s into gaming. Now that it’s been our for awhile, Ii’s a great gift at a great price.

Or you can go with the latest and greatest by picking up the Xbox One

For the trucker who finds himself plagued with boredom during downtime, what about some entertainment for the road? Many truckers opt to keep some creature comforts from home in their big rigs and a gaming console for truckers is just the thing to pass the time during a break, restart, or off-duty time.

But which do you take? It’s a matter of personal preference, but we’ve heard from many truckers that an Xbox 360 is still a great option, even though several companies have released new consoles in the past few months.

Now, having good internet access is a whole other story, but at least having something on your truck can provide you with a little bit of fun on the road.

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