Exercises for Truck Drivers

Quick Truck Workout Videos

Here’s the best collection of easy-to-do workout routines and exercises for truck drivers. No gym required! Workout Wednesday is a Healthy Trucker series of exercise videos for truckers. Spend just a few minutes watching exercise videos to learn how to properly workout.

All of these demonstrated exercises for truck drivers shown below can be done anytime, anywhere with little to no fitness equipment needed. Get fit and live a healthy driver lifestyle with these easy to use exercise videos from the Healthy Trucker!

How To Do 3 Types Of Bicep Curls With Truck
Bicep curls are perhaps one of the most basic exercises, but in this video post we demonstrate how truck drivers can put their own little spin on this exercise.  In these 3 different types of bicep curls, truck drivers can actually use the cab of a truck as a prop to help keep good form during the exercise.  Learn the secret to building biceps here!

Bicep Curls






How To Do Squat Press With Dumbbells
Squat press is a great full body exercise that can be done with very little space or equipment.  Truck drivers can pop out of the cab during a break with some dumbbells and it’s GO time!  Everything for this exercise is done from one position through just a couple basic movements that engage the entire body.  Start doing some squat presses here! 

Squat Press






How To Do A 2 Part Push Up Row

Push up rows work multiple parts of your body at the same time. Feeling lazy? Combine your workout to make it go by quicker and see better results. Like the squat press, the push up row engages completely different muscle groups at the same time so that you can burn fat and increase strength simultaneously. Learn how to do some push up rows here!

Push Up Row






How To Warm Up With A Jump Rope

Jump Rope It is incredibly important to warm up before a workout to prevent strains and injuries. Don’t know exactly how to warm up, or more specifically, how to warm up when you’re on the road with little or no equipment? Bring a jump rope along for the ride and we show you how to use it to your benefit in this blog post and video. Learn how to warm up with a jump rope here!

How to do Tricep Extensions and Burn Arm Fat

Many people know how to work out their biceps — you do curls. But what about those pesky backside arm muscles? For those, you’re going to need to kick it up a notch, with tricep extensions! All you need are some basic dumbbells to blast that arm fat with this tricep extension exercise. Learn how to build triceps in this blog post and video.

Tricep extension exercise





How to do a Simple Ab Exercise

You don’t even need any equipment to perform this simple ab exercise, but if you prefer an additional challenge, you can invest in a lightweight medicine ball. You’ll definitely feel the burn with this ab workout! Learn to do this variation of a crunch here.

Toe Touches Exercise for Truckers





Banish Belly Fat with V-Ups

Crunches are the go to truck driver exercise for working out that midsection, but they don’t tone the lower abs. For those, you’ll need an exercise with some added difficulty. Enter the V-ups! V-ups can be done with just a yoga mat, but if you want to add some resistance, consider using a medicine ball at the same time. Learn how to do V-ups here.

Truck driver exercise - V-ups





Roll Out Sore Muscles with a Tiger Tail

You won’t be successful during your workouts if you don’t warm up first and cool off after! Consider investing in a massage roller to do so. Not only does this tool warm up your muscles, but it can also help to soothe sore backs after a long day of driving. Learn how to roll out muscle cramps here.

Ease cramps with a muscle massage roller





Lose the Love Handles with Trucker Trunk Twists

Tired of frustrating over those pesky obliques? Trunk twists are a great exercise that work out those hard to reach ab muscles. This workout in particular is great because it can be done in your truck, on your bed, or outside on a yoga mat. A medicine ball can add some resistance to this workout and kick your exercise up a notch, but it’s not required. Learn how to do trunk twists here.

Truck driver trunk twists exercise





Trucker Trans4mer

The Trans4mer is an up and coming workout tool that houses four different pieces of equipment in one! From medicine ball, to dumbbell, to kettlebell, you can do almost any workout routine with the Trans4mer. View our Trucker Trans4mer workout and see a demonstration of this awesome piece of equipment.

Truck Driver Exercises for Trans4mer





3 Dumbbell Exercises for Shoulders

Shoulder exercises are often overlooked on the road. However, the shoulders are something you should definitely be working out. Spending long hours on the road holding a steering wheel can lead to some pain, but with these exercises, you can be sure you’ll be able to prevent it a little better. Learn 3 shoulder exercises here.

3 Shoulder Exercises for Truck Drivers





Leg Day Lunges & Squats

Truckers use their legs more than you might realize at first. Lifting heavy things? It’s all in the legs. And hours behind the wheel can lead to some serious cramping. That’s why it’s important to give those legs some exercise on the road! Derek demonstrates some helpful lunges and leg squats truckers can do on the road. Learn how to do them here.

Leg Exercises for Truck Drivers





Build Chest Muscles with Dumbbells and the Truck

Work out those pecs on the road with this simple dumbbell exercise. Close grip and wide grip pushups are an easy way to build chest muscles and neither require much equipment at all. Learn how to build chest muscles here.

Chest Exercises for Truckers






Bodyweight and Cardio Routine for Truck Drivers

These 4 exercise provide the perfect mix of muscle strengthening and cardio, making one great workout for the road! No equipment is needed save for an optional yoga mat. Learn how to do this 4-part routine that includes push ups, crunches, mountain climbers, and burpees right here.

& Cardio Routine for Truckers

Build a Better Back with Resistance Bands

Truckers are the first to know how common back aches are on the road. That’s why it’s so important to build those muscles in your back! These exercises for your back can be done using only a resistance band which is easy to store in such a confined space. Learn how to work out your back here.

Resistance Band Back Exercises for Truckers