Practical Exercise Equipment for Truck Drivers

When you work a sedentary career like an office job or a truck driving job, it’s especially important to get some physical exercise in. Obviously it’s pretty difficult to frequent the local gym when you’re on the road for 3 weeks at a time, so how are truckers supposed to get in their daily dose of exercise?

There are many pieces of exercise equipment for truck drivers that are small enough to easily store in the cab of a truck. Many of them can even provide you with a full body workout! Today, I’m going to take some time to share’s top 6 pieces of practical exercise equipment for truck drivers

j/fit Vinyl Kettlebell – $28.35 (10 lbs)

Green Vinyl KettlebellKettlebell workouts help to build strength and endurance in your lower back, legs, and shoulders. It’s possible to get a full body workout using just one kettlebell for about 20 minutes! Kettlebells are easy to store and come in a variety of weights, but I’d recommend starting on the lighter end of the spectrum. This ten-pound kettlebell is very affordable for beginners at just under $30.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set – $29.99

Set of resistance bands in varying strengthsResistance bands are versatile and very easy to store in such a small space. Resistance training is a type of strength training where each exercise is performed against an opposing force generated by resistance (hence, resistance bands). Get creative — there are many resistance band exercises you can do without even leaving your cab!

Ultimate Sandbag Training: Core Package – $69.99

Black Ultimate SandbagUltimate sandbag training is just what it sounds like — it’s working out using what is basically a big duffel bag filled up with sand. Sandbag workouts are effective because of the irregular shape and weight distribution of the sand. You’ll use muscles you don’t normally use and beef up muscles you didn’t know you had! The perk to sandbag training is that you can fill the bag as full as you’d like to get a different amount of weight/resistance. This basic Ultimate Sandbag package is available online for $69.99 and is easy to store under your bed.

Quad Speed Jump Rope – $16.95

Black jump rope with red handlesI know you might be thinking that a jump rope is sort of a children’s toy, but the truth is, jump roping is a great cardio workout! Again, this is easy to store since it takes up such little space. There are several different types of jumps you can do based on the workout effect you’d like to achieve. This quad speed jump rope is very affordable at only $16.

Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set– $49.99

40 pound set of interchangeable dumbbell weightsTruckers are at a bit of a disadvantage when working out on the road. There’s no access to gyms, so coming up with creative strength workouts that can be done in small spaces is a must. Luckily, many exercises can be done in a confined space with just a small set of dumbbells! We’ve even written an entire blog post on a full body dumbbell workout that you can do right in your truck. These Cap barbells are great because they go up to 40 pounds, but you could easily leave off some of the plates to make them lighter.

Danskin Weighted Toning Ball – $16.96 – $24.99

Last but not least, a toning or medicine ball is a great multi-purpose tool that is small enough to store in your cab. Use it when doing pushups or crunches on the floor of your cab.

 There you have it… 6 pieces of practical exercise equipment for truck drivers! Is there anything you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!