Entertainment Gifts for Truck Drivers

Fun Trucker Gift Ideas for Life on the Road

Life on the road can get a little bland from time to time, so it’s nice for professional truck drivers to have some entertainment options in the truck. Now obviously these items take a backseat to the more important necessities for new drivers such as atlases, power inverters, and bedding, but if your loved one has been on the road for a while and you’re looking for gift ideas for him/her, consider one of these ten entertainment gifts for truck drivers this holiday season.

Is your trucker a techie? Check out this list of the best electronic gift ideas for truckers!

XM RadioSirius XM EZ Satellite Radio
Who wants to constantly search for a good song on the radio? Find your favorite channels and never worry about what you’ll listen to next again.

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Smartphone for truck drivers

Apple iPhone 5
A great smartphone just makes life on the road a whole lot easier. Facetime with your family, stay organized with your favorite apps and so much more with this Apple iPhone.

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Satellite TV for truckers

Dish Network Portable Satellite Antenna
Satellite TV to go? It can be done and truckers are doing it. Mout this dish to the truck and don’t miss out on your favorite shows.

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Best tablet for truck drivers

Kindle Fire HDX Tablet
Tablets are all the rage. Surf the web, check email, read your favorite books and so much more with a tablet perfectly sized for trucker life.

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Laptops for truck drivers

Samsung Chromebook
Sometimes a tablet just doesn’t cut it and a trucker needs the computing power of a laptop. This Samsung Chromebook is powerful enough to do just about anything from the road.

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Gaming console for truckers - Xbox

Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 has stood the test of time and is still among the leading consoles for all the gamers out there. This is just the right gift for the right person who’s into gaming.

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eReader for truckers

Kindle e-Reader
For the bookworm, an e-reader is a great way to keep up with your favorite characters on the road. The basic Kindle is a great e-reader option for the road.

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Travel journal for truck drivers

Travel Journal
Surrounded by a world of technology, sometimes it’s nice to pick up a pen and just write things down. This travel journal will make it easy to keep track of those journeys you never want to forget.

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Photo Album for truckers

Pioneer Fabric Frame Photo Album
Out of sight does NOT equal out of mind. Pick up a photo album to store pictures of your loved ones back home when you’re on the road.

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Entertainment for truck drivers - cards

Bicycle Playing Cards
A good old-fashioned deck of cards does the trick when looking for something fun to do with a little bit of time to kill. This set of Bicycle cards brings a fresh look to one of America’s favorite pastimes.

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Movies and TV for truck drivers

Movies/TV Series Pop in one of these popular DVDs when you have some downtime on the road.

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