VIDEO: 3 Electronic Gadgets Every Trucker Will Love

What do you get the family member who spends weeks at a time on the road driving all over the country? Your options are somewhat limited to smaller items that are easy to store on board the cramped big rig your driver uses.

Fortunately, there are many things that fit within these parameters, and most of them happen to be various electronics!  Truckers enjoy some handy devices just as much as the next person and these awesome gifts are sure to please even the pickiest of drivers. Techy gadgets are always the top sellers during the holiday season, but a few are especially important to truck drivers…

3 Most Popular Electronics for Truckers

A truck-specific GPS, a tablet, and a nice digital camera are all great ideas for the OTR trucker and most drivers would be very excited to receive one of these items.

Everyone loves electronics, but they’re especially useful for truck drivers. Though it’s a nice perk for the average motorist, a GPS can be critical for a truck driver. A trucking GPS will make it easier for your trucker to get from Point A to Point B, which obviously reduces many of the stresses that come with the job.

A tablet can be a driver’s main source of entertainment on the road and these little devices are quickly growing. In fact, stats show that of all the people who bought tech gadgets over Thanksgiving weekend, 29% of those bought a tablet of some kind. With countless media options like books, movies, TV shows and internet, a trucker is never lacking in entertainment options. Tablets like the Kindle Fire can even be used to keep in touch and video chat with friends and family back home.

And last but not least, a digital camera. Truck drivers see more of the country in a few months than most do in a lifetime. A quality digital camera allows truckers to keep those cherished memories forever.

Need more ideas? Check out Santa’s big list of gifts for truck drivers here.


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