Dave the Raw Food Trucker – Did Going Raw Organic Vegan Save His Life?

Dave Conrardy also known as “Dave The Raw Food Trucker” recently gave a presentation at the Georgetown Market in Indianapolis, IN and I just had to check it out!  Dave Conrardy is a pretty big name in the trucking industry when it comes to the topic of truck driver health because he has a very powerful story to tell.  In fact, he’s made such a name for himself that he’ll probably forever be referred to as “Dave The Raw Food Trucker” even though he’s no longer a trucker as his story has grown to the point to where he’s traveling the world giving presentations about how he saved his own life. 

Dave the Raw Food Trucker at Georgetown Market

Dave the Raw Food Trucker at Georgetown Market

While Dave Conrardy may not be a trucker today, his journey to healthier lifestyle took place while he was a truck driver.  It all began when he was teaching a couple, David and Judith Whiting, how to drive a big rig when they told him they could teach him how to move to a Raw Organic Vegan Diet and possibly save his life.  At that time, Dave was weighing in around 430-pounds, taking 19 prescription drugs, 6 over-the-counter medications and eating 4 packs of Rolaids a day. On top of that, he was diabetic and facing late stage 1/early stage 2 colon cancer.  He continued to eat tons of red meat as part of his unhealthy diet and was staring death in the face.

He agreed to do the raw food diet with the help of David, Judith and some others in an effort to lose the weight and extend his life.  Now, Dave took it to the extreme even doing some juice feasting to cleanse his body of the harmful chemicals and replace it with healthy nutrients.  Over time, Dave was able to lose over 200 lbs and reverse the cancer as well as the diabetes.  As he put it, “I’m standing here today in front of you today and all my doctors told me I’d be dead by now.”

Video – Dave The Raw Food Trucker’s 230lbs Weight Loss:

Dave has an amazing story to share.  Going Raw Organic Vegan and juicing is something he’s passionate about and something that saved his life.  The big takeaway here for me is that regardless of how much you’ve dropped the ball in the past with your health, it’s never too late to get back on track…even as a truck driver.  At over 430 lbs and with all the health complications Dave was facing, he could have easily just written off the rest of his life while feeling sorry for himself as he died.  Instead, he got it together, became Dave The Raw Food Trucker, and saved his own life through hard work and healthy diet (he did say he wishes he would have started exercising more back then too).  By just seeing him in the room and hearing him speak in person, you can tell he’s living a life with positive energy full of purpose. 

This story and his plan may not appeal to everyone, but I’ll leave you with a message that will.  It’s a saying that he learned during his military days that he repeated each time he was faced with a hurdle or setback, “winners never quit and quitters never win.”  And the fact that Dave The Raw Food Trucker is still alive today is proof that he won. 

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