Top iPhone Cell Phone Accessories for Truckers

Your cell phone is one of the most important tools you have as a truck driver. You’re constantly communicating with your family, friends, and dispatcher. Having a good, reliable cell phone is something that every trucker should prioritize. It can really make or break your time spent out on the road. Most truck drivers are also finding it to be a worthwhile investment to purchase a smartphone, such as an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or HTC Android. Whether you go with an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, these cell phone accessories for truckers can increase the usefulness and sometimes even the longevity of your device.

Cell phone accessories for truckers - Bluetooth headsetBluetooth headsets are the single most important thing a truck driver can own and make great cell phone accessories for truckers. The best Bluetooth headsets are comfortable, have good battery life, and keep their connection with your phone. Having a Bluetooth headset is especially important because truckers legally cannot use a handset while they are driving. Your Bluetooth headset assures that you can keep communicating with your dispatcher or destination if issues should arise. 

Cell phone accessories for truckers - Travel adapterTravel adapters are a necessity. You need to be able to keep your cell phone battery charged at all times. Having more than one way to charge your phone inside your truck is an excellent idea so you’re always prepared for anything. 

Cell phone accessories for truckers - Phone case Protecting your phone is also important. You’re constantly getting in and out of your truck, and you’re around heavy equipment. Consider a case like the Otterbox, which is heavy duty and protects your phone better from drops and falls than most other plastic cases. There are also waterproof cases for the times when you might need to use it in the rain. 

Cell phone accessories for truckers - Stylus Using your fingers to navigate a phone can sometimes get tedious or difficult, depending on what you’re doing. Using a stylus along with your phone allows you to move things around the screen with a pen-like item. It often allows you more careful movements and can be easier on your hand. It can also be good for making handwritten digital notes.

Cell phone accessories for truckers - touch screen gloves But what about when you need to use your cell phone outside in the winter? How about cell phone compatible gloves? The gloves have a special material on them that works with a touch screen so you don’t have to take them off to make a call or send a text message.

When you hit the road, always be prepared for anything it can throw at you. Protect your cell phone, keep it charged, and stay in touch at all times with some of these cell phone accessories for truckers.