Truck Driver Health Risks Exceed Other Occupations, CDC Finds

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released the results of a study on occupational health risks last week.

Unsurprisingly, the study found that about 70% of of long haul truck drivers are obese, 54% smoke, and 14% have diabetes. Compared to the general adult working population, truck drivers had twice the rates of obesity and smoking.

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These prevalent health conditions in the industry also pose a safety hazard to carriers as about 1/3 of all fatal truck crashes are the result of driver-related factors.

The CDC’s survey also looked at risk factors for chronic disease such as hypertension, smoking, and obesity, and found that 88% of drivers had one of more of those, compared to 54% of workers in other industries.

The results of the study are alarming, but sadly, not surprising. The sky high obesity rates in the industry are why we sat out to create this site as a resource for those who do want to get/remain healthy on the road. Truck driving does not have to mean unhealthy!

Below are some helpful resources that might be of assistance to those looking to become healthier:

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