(Video) One Awesome Trucker Workout You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

It’s one thing to feel motivated to keep up your trucker workout routine when things are going well, when you are getting stronger and the weight is steadily coming off, but what do you do when you hit that dreaded plateau?

In my experience this plateau seems to hit the closer you get to your ideal body weight. It can be frustrating, disappointing and can halt your progress if you let it. I personally just spent about a month with little to no progress happening, so what did I do to shake my metabolism up again? I made changes. Sometimes all you need is to make small changes to both your diet and exercise routine. For your diet, you can add some healthy variety to your diet, and of course omit any unhealthy eating habits. Just a little tweak & change here and there is sometimes all your body needs. What I found to be a tremendous help in moving past a plateau was changing my workouts. At first, I just made changes to what I was already doing by adding more intensity and I didn’t really see any progress happening. Next I switched up my entire workout by incorporating a cardio boxing workout and I am now back on track, steadily losing and getting closer to my goal.

A Different Kind of Trucker Workout

For starters, boxing is a great workout! It builds strength, coordination, muscular and cardiovascular endurance as well as self-esteem. Boxing workouts sculpt your arms, shoulders, core and legs and let’s be honest, it’s a lot of fun! How do you get started? Easy. There are many great boxing workouts on YouTube ranging from beginner to experienced. I researched several myself and found a couple that I liked in particular, Boxing Basics by Dulcinea Hellings and the Boxing Workout by Samantha Clayton. There are so many out there that you can definitely find the perfect one for you. Remember, utilize the resources available to you via the internet and you’ll find something you like and that fits your specific fitness level and needs.

Another great thing about this type of exercise for truckers is that you can do it either outside or inside the cab of your truck if you prefer. I usually do my workouts inside the cab because, for one, it gets up into the triple digits at our terminal in the summer and I don’t want to pass out! Secondly, I don’t necessarily feel comfortable being on display for all to see whether I’m at our terminal, truck stop or rest area, this way I can do it anywhere and feel at ease. Also, being able to work out in the cab eliminates any excuses NOT to exercise, due to space, location or bad weather.

I’ve included a short video to give you an idea of some of the boxing techniques I incorporate into my own trucker workout. I usually warm up with 1-2 minutes of jump roping (no actual jump rope is needed) or jumping jacks to get the heart pumping. Along with using techniques I learned from the above mentioned videos, I add other basic boxing, cardio and kick boxing moves (shown in the video) to extend and intensify my workout to 30-45 minutes. Again, get creative and customize a workout level that works for you. Trust me, you will feel this type of workout in every muscle of your body the day after! Another great thing about this type of exercise is that you use little to no equipment. I myself prefer to use 3 lb. weighted gloves to step the workout up a notch. I use Gold’s Gym weighted gloves. They are inexpensive and take up no space whatsoever in the truck.

Weighted boxing glovesI hope this gives you some ideas on how to how to change up your workouts and utilize a practical, fun workout inside your truck cab. No more excuses of no space or bad weather!

So, until next time, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up and make healthy choices!

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Three years ago my husband and I packed our belongings into a storage unit in Las Vegas, NV and traded our normal, predictable life for a life of unpredictability and long hours as over the road truck drivers. We have been working and living in our big truck 24/7, on the open road, ever since. After working in this industry for some time now, I realized health and fitness awareness were being placed on the back burner. I experienced this first hand in my own life within a few months of living on the road when my poor eating choices, lack of exercise, loss of sleep and sheer exhaustion began to affect my health. It was then that I decided to make some positive changes and now I’m excited to share my experiences, tips and passion for health and fitness with other truckers on a quest to live healthy lives out on the road.