Bob’s Truck Driver Health After 10 Weeks: Weight Loss Success Story

Bob's Truck Driver Health JourneyHere’s the latest update on our truck driver Bob and his journey to improve his health.

If you’re not familiar, Bob is a CMV driver that I work with over here in the UK. He has gained some weight since hitting the road, and I am here to help him become a healthy trucker. Together, we work on healthy meals for truckers as well as come up with ways for Bob to get some exercise on the road.

By the end of week 7, Bob had lost 14 pounds in weight and reduced his BMI from 37.5 to 36.1. Read on to check his progress on his truck driver health…

Week 8

Following his early success, Bob told his employer (the trucking company Fowler-Welch) about his weight-loss plans. He found his colleagues were very supportive and keen to hear about his progress.

Tip: Research shows you are 80% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and tell other people!

Week 9

Bob was on vacation this week but agreed to keep a food and exercise diary. This is easy to do and a great way to keep on track.

A typical day in his diary now looked like this:

  • Breakfast: scrambled egg, grilled sausage, fresh grilled tomato, peppermint tea
  • Lunch: rye crispbreads with cheese and cucumber
  • 1 hour walking
  • Dinner: roast pork, large portion of salad

Week 10

This week Bob and I discussed how to check the nutrition labels on different products and then we went supermarket shopping to put it into practice! There are a lot of confusing messages on food products and terms such as ‘Low fat,’ ‘Diet,’ and ‘Good for You’ are very often used but are virtually meaningless. This doesn’t make it easy to pick the right foods.

Bob's Truck Driver Health JourneyTo cut through this, I explained the simplest way to choose foods was to check the amount of sugar per 100g. A lot of sugar would be 10g per 100g (10%) and just a little sugar would be 2g per 100g (2%). This is easy to remember and a really good guide to healthy eating.

Bob was astonished to learn that his pot of instant oatmeal (that he thought was healthy) contained over 22g of sugar per 100g! “Now that I know how to easily read food labels, I can make much better choices for myself,” said Bob afterwards.

Try it yourself: Go through your truck and weed out anything that is more than 5% sugar, as a start.

By the end of week 10, Bob has lost 16 pounds in total and his BMI is now 35.8! He is now keen to experiment with new recipes and has even rediscovered cycling! Let’s hear it for Bob and his success and wish him lots of continued success!

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