Christmas Countdown Day 15: The Best Wireless Bluetooth for Truckers

BlueParrott Bluetooth for TruckersDay 15: Bluetooth Headset

Safety is a trucker’s #1 priority. Investing in a quality, hands-free Bluetooth makes it both easy and safe to stay in touch with family while on the road.

The DOT prohibits truckers from using handheld devices on the road. The penalties are even steeper than for the average motorist, and carriers can even get slapped with fines as well if their drivers are caught using handheld devices. This means that if a trucker wants to communicate with friends or family while driving, a Bluetooth headset or earpiece is a necessity.

This BlueParrott headset is the most recommended Bluetooth for truckers. It may not be particularly fashionable, but the noise canceling and sound quality — two very important aspects when you’re driving a noisy semi, might I add — are top notch. The one touch button answers and ends calls while ensuring a trucker does not violate any federal laws regarding hands-free devices. With 16+ hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time, this Bluetooth will be charged whenever your trucker needs to call home.

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