Get Help Finding Best Gifts for New Truck Drivers

10 Gift Ideas for New Truck Drivers

Becoming a truck driver means a big lifestyle change.  The best gifts for new truck drivers add major convenience to life on the road, making the transition to a new career easier.  We talked to drivers with years of experience in a big rig and asked them to share their recommended, must-have items for newbies.

Here’s a list of the top gifts for new truck drivers – as provided by truck drivers themselves.  No matter what the occasion, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for the new driver in your life. This is a great list to get any new driver started, but if you really want to cover all your bases, check out these on-the-job must haves.

BlueParrott Wireless Bluetooth for Truck Drivers

BlueParrott Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Safety is a trucker’s #1 priority. Investing in a quality, hands-free bluetooth makes it both easy and safe to stay in touch with family while on the road.

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Best Cooler for Truck Drivers

Koolatron 18-quart Compact Cooler
Save time, money, and eat healthier. With proper meal planning, a cooler can quickly become a trucker’s best friend.

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Slow Cooker for Truck Drivers

RoadPro 1.5-quart Slow Cooker
There’s nothing quite like a fresh, warm, home-cooked meal after a day of driving. Invest in a slow cooker to take grandma’s cooking with you on the go.

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AC/DC Power Inverter for Truckers

Power Bright DC to AC Inverter
Nothing is worse than having the wrong connection or plug for your electronics. Plug it in and stay safe with this power inverter.

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2015 Trucker AtlasDeluxe Road Atlas
While a GPS is very nice, an up-to-date road atlas is a must! Nothing else really needs to be said…just get this one.

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Trucking Work Gloves

CAT Leather Work Gloves
Rough and tough work doesn’t have to mean rough and tough hands. Protect your hands from the elements with these quality work gloves.

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Travel Mug for Truck Drivers

Thermos 16-Ounce Travel Mug
Because no one wants to drink warm soda or cold coffee! Keep cold drinks cold and hot ones hot with this insulated travel mug.

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Best Flashlight for Truck Drivers

Maglite Mini Flashlight
What happens when the sun goes down and you’re trying to find something in the truck? Shed some light on things with this conveniently sized, yet highly durable flashlight.

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Sleeping Bag for truckers

Coleman Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag
Many truckers prefer sleeping bags when it comes to getting a cozy for bed. This Coleman sleeping bag is an affordable favorite.

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Coat for Truck Drivers

Carhartt Men’s Sherpa Lined Coat
Truck drivers must be prepared for all types of weather and a quality coat is a must. Carhartt is the leader in workwear and this coat fits the bill.

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