Need Help Finding The Best Electronic Gifts for Truckers?

Who doesn’t love to look at the latest electronics?  When it comes to trucking, electronics are what make life on the road more productive and more enjoyable.  Year after year around the holiday season, electronics for truck drivers are among the best selling gifts.  Things such as GPS units, bluetooths and tablets fly off the shelves as Christmas time approaches. 

But which of these electronics get the highest reviews and the best recommendations?  Well, we’ve been getting feedback from truck drivers all throughout the year and have put together a list of the Top Trucker Electronic Gadgets for 2013. 

Get the full list of the Top 10 Electronic Gifts for Truckers in our gift guide here, but in the meantime here are just a few suggestions to get your holiday shopping started!

Top 3 Electronic Gift Ideas for Truckers

Trucker GPSGarmin nuvi Trucking GPS
Drivers need a trucker-friendly GPS that won’t break the bank.  Why pay top dollar for a fancy GPS when this Garmin nuvi gets the job done on a budget? 

With a nice, bright screen that’s easy to read and a lifetime of map updates with turn-by-turn directions in any traffic, it’s easy to see why this is among the best GPS units for truck drivers.  Most importantly, this GPS won’t send truckers under a bridge they can’t clear or a side road too tight to navigate!  We’ve all seen those pictures of trucks stuck under a bridge and it’s not a good look.

Scope out all the details on this trucking GPS here

BlueParrott Wireless Bluetooth for Truck DriversBlueParrott Bluetooth Wireless Headset
The BlueParrott is easily one of the most popular Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers.  This Bluetooth boasts great audio quality that cancels out distractions such as engines and background noise for clear communication with friends and family.

Most importantly, however, is the safety factor.  This entirely hands-free headset allows truckers to keep their attention where it should be – on the road ahead and vehicles around.  While truckers aren’t going to win any fashion awards with this Bluetooth, the unmatched comfort more than makes up for it. 

Read the reviews on the BlueParrott here

Best tablet for truck driversAmazon Kindle Fire HD
Tablets are a HUGE hit every year at Christmas time…especially among truck drivers.  With it’s compact size and easy use, many truckers prefer the Kindle.  Reading, gaming, entertainment or even productivity – it’s all just a few clicks away. 

The Kindle has come a long way over the years and the newest Fire HDX 7″ tablet is proof.  With a quad core processor and stunning crystal clear display this tablet  is sure to continue Kindle’s legacy as one of the best selling e-readers/tablets.

Show more on the brand new Kindle Fire HDX here

We’re Just Getting Started!

These are just a few ideas to get your shopping started this holiday season, but we’ve got plenty more where that came from.  In fact, we’ve put together 9 categorized lists this year to help you find the right gift on the right budget.  Just request our gift guide below and we’ll email the lists to you.

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