6 Bad Truck Driver Habits and How to Fix Them

Bad Truck Driver Habit 4: Not Exercising Enough

Like I mentioned above, 86% of truck drivers are overweight. In addition to not eating right, a lack of exercise is largely to blame. A sedentary career like truck driving requires much more effort and motivation to get up and work out. Keep in mind that once you get in that rut of not exercising, getting back in the game is even more difficult. A lack of physical activity can lead to serious health conditions like obesity, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, so it would behoove you to implement some form of exercise into your daily routine.

How to fix it: I understand that it’s difficult to work up the motivation to exercise after driving across the country for 11 hours a day. But your exercise regimen doesn’t have to be anything super strenuous. There are many simple exercises for truck drivers that can be done right in the sleeper! Invest in something small like resistance bands or light dumbbells to keep in your cab for use during down time. Here are a few additional exercise equipment recommendations for truck drivers. Even something like parking at the very back of the truck stop and walking to the convenience store will help you get a little physical activity in.

Bad Truck Driver Habit 5: Improper Hygiene

If you asked people 30 years ago to describe what a truck driver looks like, many of them would’ve said something along the lines of “overweight and dirty.” While the image of truck drivers has drastically changed (for the better) in the past few decades, there are still some bad apples out there who make the rest look bad. Some drivers let hygiene fall by the wayside because finding the time (or place) to take a shower or brush teeth seems like a chore sometimes.

How to fix it: It’s not really that difficult to pay for a shower, considering most truck stops will print coupons for showers as long as you buy x gallons of fuel. If you absolutely do NOT have the time to take a real shower, I strongly suggest picking up some baby wipes to keep in your truck so you can at least take a makeshift bath. Remember, you represent your company. Smelly B.O. and rotting teeth probably won’t cast your employer in the best light.

fasten seat beltBad Truck Driver Habit 6: Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Of 805 drivers and occupants of large trucks who died in truck crashes in 2006, 393 of them weren’t wearing a seat belt. Of the 217 who were ejected from their vehicles, 81% were not wearing seat belts.

How to fix it: WEAR YOUR DARN SEAT BELT. That’s all.

You’re driving 11 hours a day. That leaves a lot of time for an accident to occur. Is it really worth possibly dying from something completely preventable?

Are there any other bad truck driver habits you can think of? Share yours below!

(Images via ElvertBarnes, thedalogs, &  The Shifted Librarian)