Christmas Countdown Day 19: Athletic Shoes for Truck Drivers

Day 19: Athletic Shoes

athletic shoes for truck driversThere’s nothing quite like a good pair of athletic shoes for truck drivers. Recharge your drive to better health by choosing the pair of shoes that’s just right for your favorite activity.

Why it’s a great gift: What kind of healthy trucking website would we be if we didn’t recommend a good pair of athletic shoes to you all?

Fortunately, to get a good workout on the road, not much equipment is required, save for a pair of shoes. In fact, If you have a solid pair of athletic shoes, you can go for a walk (or run) around the truck stop parking lot and bam! Workout done. Or do some bodyweight exercises – lunges, jumping jacks, pushups — all of these require no equipment except athletic shoes. And trust me – you don’t want to be doing workouts in steel toed boots or slippers!

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