The Best iPhone & Android Apps for Truck Drivers

Ten years ago, smartphones were a rarity. They were a cool novelty, but not something that everyone and their mother had or could afford. But these days, around half of U.S. mobile consumers own smartphones. And by 2013, that number could rise to 70%! With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones comes the demand for new and exciting apps to download.

Today, we’d be lost without our precious phone apps to get us through day-to-day life. What ever would we do if we had to calculate our waitress’ tip in our head instead of on our phones?! More and more apps are released every day, and with this increase in app development comes an increase in helpful apps for truck drivers! Today, I’m going to share some of the best apps for truck drivers.

The apps on this list range from healthy eating/fitness apps, to financial budgeting apps, to recreation and entertainment apps. Feel free to add your own to this list as well!

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What smartphone apps do you find yourself using on a daily basis? Share below or add your favorites directly to the list!

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