Video: Banish Belly Fat with This Easy Truck Driver Exercise

Are you having trouble targeting that midsection? Struggling with some truck driver exercise for the abs and obliques?

Watch this video to learn a simple, yet effective truck driver exercise for working the abs:

Quick Video Recap
The abdominals can be a bit tricky to target which is a shame since it’s the place most people want to lose weight from. While it can be difficult to shed pounds from this area, it’s not impossible and with this basic truck driver exercise, you’ll be feeling the burn in no time! All you need is a yoga mat and a small medicine ball.

How to do V-Ups

Start laying on your back on top of the yoga mat. Extend your arms above your head holding the medicine ball. Lift your legs towards the ceiling, bringing your arms towards your midsection to meet with your legs. Bring arms and legs back towards starting position into a V-shape and hold. Repeat and you’ve got your V-ups! Do as many reps as you’re able — we recommend 3 sets of 12 reps for a great workout.

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