Graphic: 8 Wearable Fitness Tech Tools for a Healthy Trucker Lifestyle

After taking that first jump to getting healthy on the road, the next step is to begin tracking your journey and success to a healthier trucker lifestyle. There are all kinds of different ways to do this. Whether you’re into the traditional “weigh-myself-and-keep-a-food-journal” type tracking, or want something a little more technical, there’s an option for everyone.

Today, we feature eight popular tech tools for drivers to live a healthier trucker lifestyle. Check out our suggestions in the graphic below, and be sure to share with your networks if you find this helpful!

Read more about these fitness tech tools and apps for truck drivers.

Graphic:  Fitness Tools and Apps for a Healthy Trucker Lifestyle

Interested in these fitness tools for truck drivers? Purchase using the links below:

Nike+ Fuelband SE

Fitbit Flex

Jawbone Up24

Omron Pedometer

Fitbug Orb

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