(Video) Truckers: Find Your Missing 6 Pack With These Ab Exercises

Ahhh….the elusive 6 pack.  Everyone wants to have a shredded stomach, but few actually put in the hard work to make it happen.   Without a doubt, getting that 6 pack you’ve always wanted can be one of the most difficult fitness goals to achieve.  Fortunately for truck drivers though, most exercises that work the core area can be done nearly anywhere – even in the cab of a truck. 

Since the ongoing theme here is #WorkoutWednesday, I am going to demonstrate one simple exercise that will target the abdominal area, burn fat and help with getting that washboard stomach.  It’s called toe touches and it’s a perfect exercise for truck drivers to do in or out of the cab. 

What Exercise Equipment Is Needed?
For this particular exercise, equipment is optional.  In the video, you’ll notice I’m using a weighted medicine ball to add some additional resistance.  These small medicine balls are easy to store in the truck and you can pick these up in all different amounts here.  They range in price from about $12-$25 depending on the size.  Adding weight is something that will provide more of a challenge, but trust me, doing toe touches without weight is still going to get a nice burn going!


#HTWorkout Quick Tip
It’s important to remember that this is just one single ab exercise for the purpose of #WorkoutWednesday.  While this is a great exercise, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.  The other key ingredients to six pack abs are variety and diet.

Variety – other abdominal exercises must be done as part of a core building routine before results will be seen.  This isn’t a one and done type thing in a truck driver’s workout routine.

Diet – A truck driver (or anyone for that matter) can do all the toe touches and crunches in the world, but It’s not going to matter if he/she eats junk. 

 Toe Touches Exercise for Truckers

How To Do Toe Touches

1. Lay on back flat on the ground with arms and legs extended straight

2. Raise legs up in the air as close to 90 degrees as possible and keep in that position

3. Bring arms up straight with or without additional weight to meet legs (or come as close as possible)

Lower back to start position and repeat for 4 sets of 10-12 reps each.  You should definitely feel a burn as this works the abdominal area. Remember to use controlled movements while focusing on tightening stomach muscles to prevent strain on the back.

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