5 Trucker Exercise Routines to Destroy Your Excuses

5 Trucker Exercise Routines

Tired of the same old advice on running around the truck stop to get some exercise on the road? Can’t blame you there. Running and walking can get a bit redundant, and frankly, a little boring, and the best way to stay on top of your exercise routine is by changing it up and making it unique and fun. That’s why in this post, we’re featuring 5 different trucker exercise routines to try out that are sure to destroy your excuses. Check them out below and be sure to share yours with us in the comments!

7 Beginner, Full-Body Exercises for Truck Drivers [Graphic]

Interested in starting some strength training but unsure where to begin? You’re in luck. There are several beginner, full-body exercises that are perfect for truck drivers. Check out these 7 beginner workouts here.

A 35 Minute In Cab Truck Driver Workout

A common remark we hear from drivers is that they’re interested in exercising on the road, but maybe don’t want to do it outside the truck and be on display for the entire truck stop to see. This is understandable — especially if you’re just starting out. This 35-minute workout can be done entirely in the truck, and all that’s needed is a small set of dumbbells.

17 Ways to Exercise with the Truck

Did you know that truck drivers all have a workout tool available at their disposal? It’s none other than…the truck! That’s right — there are many exercises drivers can do using the truck as a prop. While equipment is not needed on the road, a few pieces will come in handy for this exercise routine with the truck.

9 Stretches for Truck Drivers [Graphic]

Anyone who has spent any extended amount of time behind the wheel of a vehicle knows that muscle tightness becomes all too familiar. It can be beneficial to do some easy stretches when stopping for a break. These 9 stretches for truck drivers will loosen up sore muscles and provide some relief on the road.

6 Cheap Ways to Kick Your Truck Driver Fitness Up a Notch

Fitness can be an expensive hobby if you let it. With all the fancy equipment available for purchase, sometimes it can be difficult to stay healthy on a budget! Fortunately, there are some pieces of exercise equipment that are bargains while still providing you with a great workout in the confined space of a semi truck. Here are 6 suggestions.

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