The Lazy Man’s Guide to Staying Healthy – 30 Easy Health Tips

  • Do yoga. Performing a simple downward dog yoga position every day can relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel and arthritis in the hand.
  • Watch TV? Create a workout plan you can do while you watch TV – you can be a couch potato and work out at the same time! Do crunches, jumping jacks, and leg raises during commercials.
  • Stretch. Stop every few hours and have a nice long full body stretch. Stretching prevents leg and back pain and deep vein thrombosis — two common health problems that affect truck drivers.
  • Suck in your gut. This will help tone your tummy! Flex your ab muscles, too.
  • Double your walking speed. The faster you walk (or run), the better the workout! Try increasing your pace to get your heart pumping.
  • Perform isometric exercises with your steering wheel. Isometrics are easy to do while you’re stopped in traffic. Check out this video for ideas.
  • Utilize family time. If you have young children or grand children, get out and play with them when you’re on home time! Those little rascals are fast – you’ll get a great workout just chasing after them!
  • Flex those muscles. Flex your muscles every time you do something. Flex your butt muscles every time you make a turn. Flex your abs for one minute every time a 4-wheeler cuts in front of you! Voila – washboard abs in no time.
  • Workout with a buddy. Even if they’re not physically there, you can still do crunches, wall sits, bicep curls, and more while you’re Skyping or chatting on the phone with a friend. Make it a date and exercise together – this is a great way to hold one another accountable for working out!
  • Take the stairs when you can.
  • Get your beauty sleep. Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep every night to recharge your batteries.
  • Pace while you’re on the phone. Ever notice how high-strung people are so often skinny? Maybe they’re onto something with this whole pacing thing.
  • Laugh! Laughter not only increases your mood, but a nice, hearty, chuckle can strengthen your core muscles! 🙂
  • Wear sunscreen. You don’t have to be on the beach to suffer from skin cancer! Make sure to lather up before taking off for a load in the morning, focusing on areas that the sun hits while you’re driving — arms, face, and neck/chest.
  • Be social. Truck driving can be a lonely career if you let it, so make the time to keep in touch with loved ones back home.
  • The road to healthy living doesn’t have to start with extreme workouts. Take baby steps! By making small changes to your habits and daily routine, you can set the stage for more advanced health and weight-loss techniques in the future.

    What health tips do you have for those wanting to start living a healthier lifestyle? Share with us in the comments below!