3 Ways to Keep Up Healthy Snacking Motivation on the Road

Lack of healthy snacks at truck stop

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When trying to make a change in lifestyle and switch to healthy mode, we get all excited about the idea of getting in shape and have bags of enthusiasm – we visualize ourselves healthier, plan our meals and constantly look for ways to improve our routine.

But. There’s a but. After a while, the novelty wears out and all the junk food starts calling us again from those convenience store shelves. It looks so yummy and shiny and it’s so tempting to just reach out and grab it… Giving up the healthy snacking gets easy, especially on the road.

Wait. Don’t give up! You can keep going with the good deeds. And here is how:

Discover new snacks

Remember how excited your were the first time you filled your truck with new healthy snacks? Part of the reason you were so keen is that those foods were new to you, or at least you didn’t have them for a long time.

So the key to avoid symptoms of healthy-snacking boredom is variety. Try and test new snacks, match new flavors and explore a supermarket aisle deeper. You’ll get some of that good old enthusiasm back.

Accept you can slip sometimes

You felt like you really needed that chocolate bar accompanied with chips and a soda after such a bad (and maybe even rainy) day. Guess what? It’s ok. It’s ok to slip sometimes.

Don’t punish yourself by skipping dinner or give into the old self-harming habits. It was a one-off and you can just go back to your healthy-self (now!). While getting healthy, there will be plenty of times in which you make a mistake. Think of the bigger picture – one bad day disappears in front of 20 good days. You just need to get back on truck. Oh. Erm. Track. And don’t give up.

Keep the inspiration up

Why were you so successful at the beginning of your journey? Because you were constantly thinking about your objectives and how to achieve them.

Developing healthy habits that you end up following mindlessly is great, but there will be times when you will miss the motivation to maintain them. All you need to do is keep yourself inspired – read about healthy snacking, check out some healthy snacks porn on Instagram, tell your family and friends about that new super food you discovered. You will find new focus to continue your journey.

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This is a guest blog post by Elena Manighetti. Elena is a blogger who enjoys writing about healthy living and trucking career tips and advice. She writes for Milestone Operations, the UK-based trucking recruiters, and is eager to share their knowledge with The Healthy Trucker’s readers.

How do you keep up your motivation on the road?