14 Dirt Cheap Health Foods to Stash on the Truck


Not only do apples keep the doctor away, but they’re easy to keep on the truck. Eat with a dollop of peanut butter for a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack. Depending on the apple variety, you can find them at the grocery store for about .75 cents an apple.

Price per serving:  .75 cents for one apple


Eggs are a good, inexpensive purchase for the road if you have a mini-fridge on the truck. They’re loaded with protein and generally last for a while. Eggs are about $1.50 a dozen, making each serving only 12 cents.

Price per serving:  .12 cents for one egg

Dried Beans

Broke college students live off of rice and beans for a reason – they’re dirt cheap! Beans are high in fiber and protein and available in many different varieties as well. They can be used to add flavor to pretty much anything, too. At about $1.50 a bag, one serving of beans comes out to about 15 cents.

Price per serving:  .15 cents for ¼ cup dried beans

Greek Yogurt

Depending on the store and brand, Greek yogurt can be an inexpensive food that’s easy to store on a truck. While individual serving cups may be $1 or so each, you can usually find larger tubs of Greek yogurt and serve yourself 6-8 ounces from that. Greek yogurt is very high in protein, but watch for the flavored options – they often contain a lot of added sugar. If you can stomach it, plain, non-flavored Greek yogurt is the healthiest.

Non-Fat Milk

Another inexpensive staple – milk. A half-gallon of skim milk is $1.25 at my local grocery, making one serving of a cup of milk 16 cents.

Price per serving:  .16 cents for one cup

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes – nature’s candy…or something. Sweet potatoes are .99 cents a pound at my local grocery, making them an affordable dinner option for the road. They’re also much healthier than white potatoes at only about 95 calories per potato. Dice and toss them in a slow cooker for a tasty stew, or make baked sweet potatoes in the microwave.

Price per serving:  .72 cents for one potato

Canned Tuna

Cuts of fish at the meat counter can be expensive; however, canned tuna is affordable while still being nutritious. Tuna is a good source of protein and contains lots of vitamins and minerals. You can find canned tuna for about 60 cents at the grocery. Just be mindful of mercury levels – opt for chunk light tuna instead of albacore.

Price per serving:  .60 cents a can

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great way to get some protein and add a little flavor to otherwise bland foods. A couple things to watch for, however:  A serving size is about 2 tablespoons. It’s really easy to eat more than the serving size, so be mindful of that. Also, look for a natural peanut butter if you can. Natural PB contains only peanuts and a little bit of salt, whereas the more commercial peanut butters contain preservatives and unneeded sugar.

Price:  $1.99 a jar

With this guide, hopefully it’s easier to make financially sound decisions at the grocery. Obviously some things are worth spending a little extra for – fresh produce will always taste better than canned or frozen, and meat is something that’s generally pretty pricey. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive though if you know what to look for!

What inexpensive healthy foods would you add to this list? Leave your suggestions below.

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