Truck Driver Exercises – 13 Workouts for OTR Truck Drivers

Over the past few months, we’ve been bringing you new truck driver exercises and videos every week. These workouts for OTR truck drivers are easy to do on the road as they require minimal equipment and space. Whether you decide to do them in the privacy of your truck, or outside in the truck stop, these exercises are sure to build some muscle and give you a great cardio workout.

Today, we thought we’d recap the workouts we’ve featured so far. Below are 13 workouts for truck drivers divided up by type of exercise. Keep reading to learn how to build muscle and stay fit on the road!

Workout Wednesday LogoBodyweight Exercises

4-Step Bodyweight Cardio. No equipment? Never fear — these bodyweight exercises will give you a GREAT cardio workout without requiring any sort of fitness equipment! Learn how to do it here.

Leg Day Lunges. You don’t want to be that buff trucker with muscley arms and scrawny chicken legs! Fortunately, legs are easy to work out without any weights — well, aside from your own bodyweight! Learn how to get lean, muscular legs here.

Jump Rope for Truckers. Remember the good old days of jump roping in elementary school? Well this workout isn’t just for kids! In fact, jump roping is one of the best exercises you can do. Bonus: a jump rope takes up virtually NO space in a truck, making this a perfect option for truckers! Get to jumping here.

Squat Presses. This is a good bodyweight exercise that can be kicked up a notch with a set of dumbbells. Start squattin’ here!

Medicine Ball Exercises

Banish the Belly. Abs are probably the thing we’re most concerned with building muscle in. But crunches can get boring. Here’s a variation of the crunch that you’ll SURE feel on the road!

Lose the Love Handles. The dreaded muffin top can’t be banished with crunches alone. No — a muffin top calls for the big guns. Trunk twists can help work out those hard to reach ab muscles. Learn how to do trunk twists with a small medicine ball here.

Toe Touches to Blast Belly Fat. Keeping on with the ab exercises, toe touches will help get that washboard stomach. Adding a medicine ball is optional, but will help you to get an even better workout. Learn how to do toe touches here.

Dumbbell Exercises

Chest Toning with Dumbbells. It’s important to work out your chest muscles, but regular old push ups get old fast. Put a creative spin on the age-old push up with these variations.

Shoulder Strengthening. Develop shoulder strength so you don’t ache after a day full of driving with these 3 dumbbell exercises sure to build shoulder muscles!

Tricep Extensions. Tone your triceps using only a set of dumbbells and your truck as a prop! Whether you choose to do this in the truck or outside, these extensions will give you a great arm workout. Learn how here.

Push Up Rows. This variation on a traditional push up will work out your arms as well as your back and shoulders! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Learn how to do push up rows here.

Build Biceps with Curls. The bicep curl is a staple for a reason — because it works. Use the truck as a prop to prevent swinging the weights. Learn 3 types of curls here.

Resistance Band Exercises

Build a Better Back. If you haven’t noticed, back discomfort can be pretty common in truck drivers. Prevent pain from the start with these couple resistance band exercises, perfect for exercising your back. Check out the full post here.

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