13 Health Benefits of Walking – The Anatomy of Walking

We recently stumbled upon this great infographic from EverybodyWalk.org detailing the many health benefits of walking. As you can see, a nice walk around the truck stop can affect many different areas of your body! Keep reading to learn more about the 13 health benefits of walking.

  1. Walking boosts endorphins. You’ll ease stress, tension, anger, fatigue, and confusion in just ten minutes of walking! You know what they say — exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!
  2. Walking reduces your risk of glaucoma. Studies show that regular exercise lowers your intraocular (in layman’s terms: eye) pressure which both prevents glaucoma and helps treat it!
  3. Walking halves your risk of Alzheimer’s over 5 years. Scientists found that daily walking actually strengthens your brain’s memory circuits, keeping you mentally sharp and staving off Alzheimer’s.
  4. Walking limits sickness. Regular walking helps your immune system fight off bacterial and viral infections. Those who exercise regularly reported fewer colds. During exercise, immune cells circulate more quickly and can better kill any bacteria and viruses about to wreak havoc on your immune system.
  5. Walking improves heart health. Regular walks increase your heart rate and circulation and strengthen your heart. Your heart becomes more efficient during exercise and pumps more blood through.
  6. Walking works out your arms and shoulders. The natural swinging motion your arms make during a walk helps to strengthen those muscles. This is magnified if you go for a brisk power walk! Work those arms!
  7. Walking engages your ab muscles. Hold your abs tight during medium to high intensity walking to get a nice core workout at the same time. You want to hold your  belly button in toward your backbone.
  8. Walking improves your blood pressure. Studies found that frequent walks lowered blood pressure by up to 5 points! Walking is a great exercise for those with hypertension.
  9. Walking builds bone mass. Walking often will reduce your chances of osteoporosis, which occurs when your bone mass gets too low and your bones easily break.
  10. Walking limits colon cancer in women. When doctors studied individuals of varying activity levels, they found that those who were the most active were the least likely to develop the disease!
  11. Walking strengthens your legs. Looking to bulk up those quads, hips, and hamstrings? A walk will tone your leg muscles nicely. Walk on an incline for an added challenge and benefit.
  12. Walking improves your balance. Walking builds your lower body strength which is an important element of good balance. Your body uses balance when it lifts one leg and supports your body weight on the other.
  13. Walking burns more fat than jogging. Ok, so this one depends on how you look at it. Walking technically burns more fat than jogging/running because of the total percentage of calories you burn while walking, most come from fat. With running, only around 30-50% of the calories you burn come from fat. However, jogging is quicker than walking thus, if you compare walking for an hour and running for an hour, you’ll burn more total with running. Basically, walking burns more fat as a percentage of total calories burned, but running burns more when you look at the TOTAL number of fat calories burned. It’s all based on intensity.

After reading through this list, it’s easy to see how the benefits of walking can do a lot to improve your overall health. The best part? You don’t need any additional equipment for a great walking workout! Just lace up those sneakers and take a couple laps around the truck stop.

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