10 Best Products for Maintaining Truck Driver Health

When you spend 11 hours driving every single day, it can be a little difficult to stay healthy on the road. Fortunately, there are a few products truck drivers can keep in their rigs that make a healthier lifestyle easier to follow. Today, we’re going to be sharing the 10 best products for maintaining truck driver health on the road. Keep reading for our suggestions and be sure to share yours with us below!

Cooking/Healthy Eating Appliances

Travel Fridge

Hands down, a travel fridge is the best thing a truck driver can keep with them on the road. It’s hard to store healthy food items without any tools or appliances to keep them fresh, but a travel fridge allows drivers to keep fruits, veggies, and dairy products without worrying about them spoiling. This Koolatron fridge plugs into a 12 volt cigarette lighter, keeps contents 40 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, and is a great starting fridge for OTR truck drivers.

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Slow Cooker

After a cooler/fridge, a slow cooker is one of the best investments a truck driver can make for his/her health on the road. It allows drivers to still enjoy warm, home-cooked meals on the road without the use of traditional cooking appliances like stoves and ovens. And a slow cooker is super easy to boot — just throw everything in the pot, set on high, and let it cook while rolling down the road. This RoadPro slow cooker features a 12 volt cord so truck drivers don’t need to worry about an inverter on the road. It also comes with a glass lid and stretch cord to keep the pot secure while you’re driving. Wouldn’t want that delicious beef stew to go flying when you hit a pot hole!

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Portable Stove

A portable stove is an easy way to heat up pre-cooked foods without having to keep a microwave on the truck. Microwaves tend to use a lot of power, but this portable 12-volt stove plugs right into the cigarette lighter. It warms up to 300 degrees and is useful for a variety of foods like stews, beans, frozen foods, and more.

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Personal Coffee Maker

A coffee drinker can really fork over a lot of money on the road on multiple cups of truck stop Joe. This can make it beneficial and cost-efficient to have a mini coffee brewer on hand inside the truck. The actual size of the coffee maker is dependent upon how much you drink on a daily basis, but I like these little mini coffee makers that only make a few cups at a time. This Black & Decker coffee maker holds 5 cups, and is great for a solo driver who has no need for an entire 12-cup pot of coffee on the road.

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Personal Blender

A blender is not particularly necessary for life on the road, but it sure makes meals a little bit more interesting. With a small personal blender, truck drivers can make smoothies, breakfast, and protein shakes on the road without having to worry about creating a lot of dirty dishes. This Hamilton Beach personal blender comes with your choice of one or two blending jars which double as travel cups.

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Exercise Tools

Travel Stair Stepper

For truck drivers interested in getting a cardio workout on the road but who maybe aren’t fans of running, a little travel stair stepper is a good option provided there’s space to store it in the truck. The Twister Stepper also comes with built in resistance band training which makes it a great all-encompassing truck driver workout.

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Resistance Band Set

We’ve recommended this set of 5 Black Mountain resistance bands several times now, and that’s because it’s a great deal — 5 different resistances for under $30. Why do we keep recommending resistance bands? Because they’re a great option for truck drivers. They’re easy to store on the truck while still providing an excellent strength training session on the road.

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For the more traditional exerciser, a sturdy set of dumbbells is a good choice to keep on the road. Dumbbells are small and compact and offer many options for truck driver workouts. Plus, dumbbells can be used right from the comfort of the truck for those who may be a little too shy to work out in the truck stop parking lot.

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Jump Rope

Keeping the theme of small, portable exercise equipment, a jump rope is another easy way to get some cardio workouts knocked out on the road. Jump ropes take up minimal space but provide truck drivers with an excellent aerobic activity. Just park the truck and jump for 20 minutes and you’ve got your workout in for the day!

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Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is not a necessity for the road, but it does make working out in truck stops a little bit more comfortable. With a yoga mat, you can do exercises like push ups and crunches without having to worry about laying on the dirty truck stop ground. We recommend 1/4″ mat from YogaAccessories.

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What are your favorite products for maintaining truck driver health on the road? Share your suggestions with us below!

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