10 Wearable Tech Tools and Apps for Truck Drivers

Health and Fitness Apps for Truck Drivers

6.  My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal appFor those who aren’t interested in forking over $50 – $100 for a fitness contraption, smartphone apps can be the way to go. And pretty much anyone who’s remotely serious about healthy eating and exercise is familiar with, or has at least heard of, My Fitness Pal. Think of MFP as a digital food journey. The app allows users to document their meals and exercise and see their progress each day. Get an in-depth review of My Fitness Pal.

Price: Free on iOS and Android devices

7.  Fooducate

Fooducate appFooducate is an awesome smartphone app that will really put into perspective how good the food you’re consuming actually is. Search an item in the huge database and Fooducate will grade it on a scale of D- to A by looking at nutrients, ingredients, and how processed it is. It’s really easy to spend tons of time on this site looking at how healthy the things you eat really are (or aren’t).

Price: Free on iOS and Android devices

8.  RunKeeper

Runkeeper appRunKeeper is an app designed to measure distance ran, walked, or cycled. It allows users to calculate their running/walking/cycling pace, speed, distance, and calorie burn and will even show your route on a map. RunKeeper provides audio updates on mileage, calorie count, pace, speed, and mileage as you progress through your workout

Price: Free on iOS and Android devices

9.  HealthyOut

HealthyOut appHealthy Out is an app aimed at helping users pick healthier meal choices when they’re dining out.With several different nutrition preferences from low carb to paleo, it’s easy to find a healthy option on the road. And because truckers are often forced to dine out a lot, this is a great app for the professional driver. Bonus — you can even filter your healthy meals by “Not a Salad!” And with full nutritional and ingredient information, you can be sure you’re making a good choice even when the only option is to eat out.

Price: Free on iOS and Android devices

10.  Gain Fitness

GAIN Fitness appHere’s another app capable of stealing a whole bunch of your time. GAIN Fitness is your own little personal training app for the road. This app builds a personalized workout from you from over 1,300 exercises. Exercises are tailored to your fitness level, goal, schedule, and available equipment. That means no more excuses — even if all you have is a resistance band, GAIN Fitness can create a workout for you!

Price:  Free on iOS with premium upgrades ranging from $5 to $10

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