10 Wearable Tech Tools and Apps for Truck Drivers

10 Tech Tools and Apps for Truck Drivers

When it comes to exercise for truck drivers, the first battle to fight is just getting started.  For many truck drivers, getting in that first workout is something that takes months of thinking about it before actually doing it.  But what happens next?  Once a driver gets past that first hurdle, how does he/she stay motivated to get those truck driver workouts in during the coming weeks and months?

The first thing for truck drivers to remember is that you’re not doing this alone!  We’re here anytime for support when it’s needed the most.  The other great thing to consider is that there are tons, and we mean tons, of wearable tech tools and apps for truck drivers to track exercise activity and progress.  No matter what the goal is that a truck driver is measuring for success, there’s a gadget out there to help.   Join us for a closer look at 10 wearable tech tools and apps for truck drivers that are sure to help you stay on the path to truck driver fitness.

Tracking Devices

Nike+ Fuelband SE1.  Nike+ Fuelband SE

The Nike+ Fuelband SE tracks your movement throughout the day with “NikeFuel.” It can track a variety of physical activity from your high impact morning workout to a stroll around the truck stop. The band allows truck drivers to set daily goals for how active you’d like to be and gives the option to track your progress throughout the day. The actual band syncs with your smartphone via an app. Not only can you track your progress through the app on your phone, but also by the touch of a button on the actual band.

Price: Varies – around $130


Fitbit Flex2.  FitBit Flex

The FitBit Flex is another fitness tracker that follows steps, distance, calories burned, and tracks sleep quality. Set goals and as you reach 20% of that goal, LED’s on the wristband light up. The Flex will track how long you sleep and how many times you stir during the night, and will gently vibrate to wake you up in the morning. Like the Fuelband, the FitBit Flex syncs to your PC and smartphone to give you real time stats and tracking.

Price: About $99.95

Jawbone Up24

3.  Jawbone Up/Jawbone Up24

The Jawbone Up contains the usual fitness tracking features like healthy food choices and exercises, but also has an advanced sleep tracking feature that monitors sleep quality and total time spent in light or deep sleep. After analyzing your sleep, diet, and exercise, Jawbone suggests adjustments that can lead to better rest and healthier days. Jawbone can also connect with additional fitness and health apps on your phone like My Fitness Pal, Runkeeper, and LoseIt. Jawbone is available in a basic model that needs to be plugged in to sync, or an always-connected Bluetooth model.

Price: $79.99 for Jawbone Up; $149.99 for Jawbone Up24

4.  Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer

Omron PedometerFor the one who doesn’t need any fancy high-tech gadgetry, a basic pedometer can do the trick. The Omron pedometer features tri-axis technology, so you can position it where it feels comfortable and it will still pick up steps. With an automatic reset, drivers can easily track daily steps and distance in four different tracking modes:  steps, aerobic steps, calories burned, and distance.

Price: $16.62 on Amazon

Fitbug Orb5.  FitBug Orb

The FitBug Orb is the most affordable fitness tracker on the list at just $49.95. Even though it is lower-priced than its competitors, the Orb offers similar features as the Jawbone, Fitbit, and Nike+ including steps, calories burned, distance, and sleep quality/patterns. FitBug also comes with KiK – an online platform and personal digital coach to help log nutrition, set goals, and get inspired.

Price: $49.95 on Amazon

Keep reading for our suggestions on smartphone apps for truck drivers!

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