10 Reasons Why the Trans4mer is a Great Workout for Truck Drivers

Last week, we featured a new piece of workout equipment called the Trans4mer. Basically, the Trans4mer is about 20 different fitness combinations in one simple, customizable tool. Check out our demonstration of it here, and keep reading for 10 reasons why this is a great tool for truck drivers!

  1. Compact. The Trans4mer is small and compact. It’s made up of an 8″ rubber ball, so it fits easily in the cab of your truck.
  2. Easy to use. The Trans4mer comes with two handles that help create different exercise configurations. When you purchase the Trans4mer, it will also come with an instructional DVD, online videos, and a user guide for your benefit.
  3. Versatile. The Trans4mer has 4 different handle configurations to help you perform different exercises and save space — you don’t need 4 different pieces of equipment because everything is in this one item!

    Exercise ball configuration: no handles
    Kettle bell configuration:
    1 handle
    NEW kettle bell configuration:
    2 handles at 90 degrees
    Medicine ball configuration:
    2 handles opposite each other
    Dumbbell configuration:
    1 handle

  4. Flexible. The self-contained weight system inside the ball allows you to easily adjust the weight resistance by inserting or removing discs. Weights range from 4-30 pounds.
  5. Upgradable. The Trans4mer protects your investment. Start small with Model-10 (10 pounds) and upgrade to Model-20, which adds an additional 20 pounds to your workout. Simple!
  6. Easy exercises. Doctors and professional trainers developed the basic training program DVD for everyday living. Many of the exercises featured can even be performed in the cab of your truck.
  7. Durable. The Trans4mer is made of thick, heavy duty rubber and steel components to ensure it lasts.
  8. Portable. The 8″ rubber ball contains the weighted discs and handles, all in one convenient package. No worrying about carrying a bunch of different weights separately like you would with dumbbells.
  9. Value. You get over 20 different exercise equipment combinations that would normally cost over $600, all in one upgradable Trans4mer priced under $200!
  10. Pride in Ownership. The Trans4mer is made in the USA!

4 Trans4mer Configurations

More Info on the Trans4mer

The Trans4mer is an all-in-one exercise product that provides truck drivers with over 20 fitness equipment combinations and over 100 easy exercises that can be performed in the truck.

The Trans4mer comes with 3 parts:

  • The hollow rubber ball
  • 2 handles
  • Various weighted plates, depending on the model chosen

Trans4mer Exercise ListBasically what you do is put in the plates for whatever weight you prefer inside the hollow ball. Attach the handles in whichever configuration you like (if at all), and voila! You have your own semi-custom workout equipment.

The Trans4mer Workout

As you can imagine, the workouts you can do with the Trans4mer are virtually endless. But if you need a starting place, we put together this basic Trans4mer workout last week for #WorkoutWednesday.

To purchase the Trans4mer, visit http://www.goxercise.com/

Let’s Hear From YOU

Would you use a Trans4mer? What are your favorite pieces of workout equipment?

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