10 Convenient Items for Cooking on the Road

When you’re spending weeks out on the road, it can be difficult to make your meals in your truck. At the Healthy Trucker, we try to provide healthy meal recipes that you can cook and freeze ahead of time, or easily prepare in a microwave or toaster oven. But sometimes you want some variety, and you don’t have a lot of time or space to prepare your foods. For these situations, we’ve put together a list of convenient items to help you take care of some of your cooking tasks on the road. These items make cooking on the road quick and easy.

Basic Grey Apple SlicerApple Slicer

A small, simple item, but a great way to slice up an apple quickly. You could prepare apple slices in your truck as a snack while you’re waiting on a shipper. Throw a bit of peanut butter in a dish in your cupholder, and you’ve got a tasty snack waiting for you.

Microwave Egg Tray

Microwaving eggs? Yep, it works! Using this microwavable tray, you can have a fluffy egg ready for your English muffin in just a couple of minutes. It’s a lot cheaper than a daily fast food stop, and it’s a lot easier. Plus, you know you’re eating fresh eggs.

Black travel blenderTravel Blender

A great way to introduce some variety to your breakfasts and snacks is a simple travel blender. Some blenders (like this one) make your beverage in the same container you’ll drink out of, minimizing the cleanup. Keep some yogurt, milk, fruit and vegetables in your truck and make a fresh smoothie in between runs. You can also add protein powder if you’d like to replace part of a meal.

Sheathed Knife

You’ll want to be careful about knives in your truck — check with your company’s policy about cooking knives, and be especially conscious of border-crossings. But if you can, keep a good sharp knife or two in your truck so you can slice fresh fruits and vegetables or cut up other items for cooking. It seems obvious to keep a knife, but it’s something you could easily overlook when you’re packing for the road.

Plastic Rubbermaid containersPlastic Containers

Small storage containers are a must for your truck. Get a few different sizes so you can store large or small amounts — pre-made dinners, leftovers, or things you make on the road and want to keep for later! If you do happen to eat out, control your portion sizes: eat half, keep half in a plastic container.

Wooden Spoon

If you’re going to be cooking in your truck — in a crock pot, hot pan, or even a grill — you’ll need some utensils for stirring and moving things around. Wooden cooking utensils are great and long-lasting, so you’ll rarely need to replace them. You won’t have to worry about staining or melting, and they clean up easily for storage.

Hot Pot

Being able to make hot water in a few minutes is always a major convenience. For coffee, tea, soup, or anything else you could possibly need hot water for, a hot pot is perfect. It’s easy to store and pull out between loads.

French press coffee makerFrench Press

Even better than a small coffee maker for your daily coffee? A french press. It takes very minimal space and consistently makes what most consider to be a better cup of coffee than a machine. Using the water from the hot pot, you can make a fresh pot of french pressed coffee. It’s also easy to clean.

Folding Cutting Board

A folding cutting board is essential if you want to slice and dice fruits and vegetables in your cab. It’s great for small spaces and helps you move your items from cutting board to container with minimal mess. It takes up just a little room, so it’s great on the road.

Oven Mitt

Easy to take for granted since they’re always around at home, but easy to forget! If you’re heating things up, they’re going to be hot! Keep yourself safe from burns by always having an oven mitt handy for moving hot foods around.

When you’re preparing to go out on the road and keep up a healthy trucker lifestyle, keep these items in mind for helping you prepare your meals. You’ll be healthier AND more financially savvy.