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Welcome to The Healthy Trucker, a website dedicated to providing the trucking industry with tips and expert advice to help you live a healthier, happier life on the road. is a resource of real world advice for truckers and their families to live better, happier lives.  We’ve brought in industry experts to work with our great team in creating the ultimate support system for truck drivers.  From exercise and nutrition advice to information for better money management and tips to enjoy happiness, The Healthy Trucker is your co-driver for the “fitness of mind, body & wallet.”

Here’s The Latest Tips From The Healthy Trucker

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The Mission of The Healthy Trucker Website

Trucker health is a big topic these days and rightfully so. There are many websites out there offering advice on truck driver weight loss or tips on how to eat healthy as a trucker. But a truck driver’s overall health includes more than that… is a free resource for today’s truck driver. Here are some things we cover: 

Our free truck driver health tips and advice help truckers handle the challenges that come along with driving to find an overall life balance that ultimately leads to happier living.